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Allied Body Works, Inc.

625 S. 96th Street, Seattle WA, 98108



Adam Keane | Sales Manager

A full-service truck equipment distributor and fabricator. Allied Body Works specializes in vehicle interiors, flat beds, dump bodies, van bodies, cranes, lift gates, and other accessories. Allied Body Works is also the U.S. distributor for The Glass Racking Company, manufacturer of transportation and handling equipment for the flat glass and MORE...

CareVacations CSA

309 S. Cloverdale Street Unit #A-5, Seattle WA, 98108



Betty Chambers | Operations / Logistics Manager

South Park Sodas & Vending

1408 S. Cloverdale Street, Seattle WA, 98108


Bill Owens | Owner

Vending machines and brand name sodas.

South Park Tire Factory

8510 Dallas Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98108



Bob Kent | Owner

Tires, custom wheels and all vehicle maintenance needs.

Logo for Smith Berger Marine, Inc.

7915 - 10th Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98108



Bonnie Warwick | President

Smith Berger Marine’s simple concrete building sits on a scenic South Park street right by the Duwamish River. Inside the building one finds a company with over a century of history … a company with a reputation for creating some of the most long-lasting equipment around.

Smith Berger Marine builds some MORE...