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The Buying Network

420 S. 96th Street, Suite 3, Seattle WA, 98108



Clay Peil | Owner

A purchasing service for marine companies - supplier of spill response supplies, industrial and food processing chemicals, and general commercial marine supplies.

The Gear Works - Seattle Inc.

500 S. Portland Street PO Box 80886, Seattle WA, 98108


Jerry Magnuson | Vice President - Sales and Marketing

The Gear Works is a full service gear manufacturing facility providing precision gear products and power transmission services. Since 1946, we have been engineering and repairing industrial gears for everything from wind turbines, bridges and mining equipment to agitators, cranes and satellite antenna drives. We’re recognized for our ingenuity and MORE...

Tikal Bakery

8611 - 14th Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98108



Erick Soto | Owner

Authentic Guatemalan bread and genuine Guatemalan food products. Special orders welcome.

TK Industries, Inc.

dba Associated Industries 1505 S. 93rd Street, Unit BD, Seattle WA, 98108



Tom Boyer | Owner

Industrial distributor of cutting tools and machines. We offer both sales and service.