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Liquor Control Specialists

309 S. Cloverdale Street P.O. Box 31697, Seattle WA, 98108



Ron Friesen | Owner

We install systems to control liquor, beer & wine for any bar that serves these products across the bar at retail . The systems will give you portion control and accountability for each product, which will decrease your purchases and increase your sales.

Seattle Heat Treaters

521 S. Holden Street, Seattle WA, 98108



George Chiaro | President

Metal heat treating service.

Second Use Building Materials

7953 - 2nd Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98108-4404



Calyn Hostetler | Store Manager

Since 1994, Second Use has helped contractors and homeowners recover reusable building materials from their remodeling and demolition projects. And, through our retail outlet, our customers have in turn helped to find new homes for the material. This process provides both a more sustainable alternative to buying new and a MORE...

Video Mar, LLC

8525 - 14th Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98108



Jose Vasquez | President

PC repair, internet cafe, technology consulting.