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Loretta's Northwesterner

8617 - 14th Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98108


Scott Horrell | Owner

Northwestern-style tavern with food and full service bar. Large outdoor patio with an Airstream trailer.

Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante

8600 - 14th Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98108


Josephine Porco | Owner

Hand-tossed pizzas, homemade hot dishes and hoagie sandwiches. An authentic Italian, family-owned local business.

South Park Espresso

8520 - 14th Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98108


Lance Scott | Owner

Drive through fresh, quality coffee and espresso.

Via Vadi Caffe

8600 - 14th Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98108


Maria Porco | Owner

Traditional Italian espresso bar featuring a variety of local baked goods. A family-owned business.