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Logo for popchips

PO Box 61132, Seattle WA, 98141


Stephanie McGregor | Marketing Manager

popchips are an all-natural popped potato chip. Thanks to the magic of popping, popchips contain all the flavor and less than 1/2 the fat of traditional fried chips. Visit for more information.

Logo for Smith Berger Marine, Inc.

7915 - 10th Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98108



Bonnie Warwick | President

Smith Berger Marine’s simple concrete building sits on a scenic South Park street right by the Duwamish River. Inside the building one finds a company with over a century of history … a company with a reputation for creating some of the most long-lasting equipment around.

Smith Berger Marine builds some MORE...

The Gear Works - Seattle Inc.

500 S. Portland Street PO Box 80886, Seattle WA, 98108


Jerry Magnuson | Vice President - Sales and Marketing

The Gear Works is a full service gear manufacturing facility providing precision gear products and power transmission services. Since 1946, we have been engineering and repairing industrial gears for everything from wind turbines, bridges and mining equipment to agitators, cranes and satellite antenna drives. We’re recognized for our ingenuity and MORE...

Warp Corp.

631 S. 96th Street, Seattle WA, 98108



Todd Bell | Principal

For over 20 years we have been designing and manufacturing some of the most incredible and durable aluminum frame tension fabric structures and related products available. We make everything right here in Seattle in our own production facility. Our team of skilled craftspeople carefully assemble each product to our exacting MORE...